Iā€™m an independent film maker based in Toronto. I work with a number of clients and organizations both big and small to create high quality video work.  A large amount of my work is with the independent opera scene in Toronto, for which I work regularly on a range of projects, including promotional films, archive films, trailers, music videos and documentaries.

My filmic style breaks down barriers and lets the audience really engage with the subject, creating a personal connection with the company.  I have been making films for over 20 years and in this time, have become skilled in all aspects of film production, from shooting, lighting audio mixing and editing.

I am available to work on whatever project you require. Send me an email and we can discuss your requirements, and budget and create something unique that tells your story and attracts an audience.
I shoot on a Canon C100 mk 2, and a Canon 7D.

Originally from London, England, I have now settled in Toronto after almost a decade spent working and traveling around the world, with time spent in Indonesia, Russia, Australia, and Eastern Europe as well as numerous places in between. Prior to my travels, I studied Graphic Design at Southampton City College and went on to study Animation at University of Wales College, Newport, where I produced several experimental films and documentaries. After University, I worked as a freelance artist and videographer in Cardiff, London, and Manchester, producing murals, illustrations, documentaries and various other projects.